LIFTOFF – New Traveller Starter Set coming out

Times have changed. Your own imagination is still the most advanced storytelling engine, but computer games are catching up fast. Tabletop roleplaying games are competing with video game titles that cost millions to make and draw on the talents of the best artists in the world – and that require no more instructions to actually "learn" how to play.

Despite video games having so much going for them, tabletop games still attract young players – the magic has remained: The fascination of telling and being part of your own story, the collaborative effort of overcoming the odds along with the players at your gaming table and the total freedom of choice remain the strongest advantages of tabletop RPGs over premade video game stories with a very limited number of decisions the player is allowed to actually make (if there is any choice at all).

However, in the end, video games win out. Because of the money behind them, true, but most importantly: because they are so much easier to learn and play. And because most of the RPG material currently published seems to be targeted at veteran RPG enthusiasts and grognards.
TRAVELLER: LIFTOFF is a starter set for the Traveller RPG made for young players and designed around a "plug-and-play" mentality that lets you start playing immediately. Just grab a few friends, generate your characters, and LIFTOFF!

Created by 13Mann with support from Mongoose and many prominent Traveller writers and artists, LIFTOFF is made for the "next generation" of Traveller players – and hence the perfect gift any Traveller parent can give to his or her kids. New players will find everything they need to play inside the box, while experienced players will find contents like a beautiful, full-colour map of Known Space and full-colour deck plans of popular Traveller starships both useful and incredibly "must have".  

At 13Mann – the German license holder for both Mongoose Traveller RPG and Marc Miller's Traveller5 – we have had amazing success with our ABOREA™ product line, a fantasy RPG targeted at young players generating interest for the Rolemaster system. We have seen 12 year olds playing roleplaying games with enthusiasm at trade fairs and being swayed by the ‘new and innovative’ game concepts. And we are very confident this can be done for Traveller as well.

Help us introduce the classic and timeless awesomeness of Traveller to a new generation. The basic rules – which are a condensed and simplified version of Mongoose rules – are currently being written and will be published online for comment hopefully around May until end of July. During this time Mongoose and 13Mann will playtest the rules at conventions and gather feedback – including yours, if you download and read the alpha rules. Simply submit your ideas for simplification or sidebar tips, or maybe entire texts, to 13Mann's website.
If you are a play tester at the official conventions or if we pick up on an idea you’ve submitted, you will receive proper credit in the Traveller Starter Set, making you a part of this endeavour forever.

In May/June we will start the crowdfunding campaign, where we will once again need your help. Back this project, spread the word, and we can put as much awesomeness into the box as possible.
We intend to ship the Traveller Starter Set before Christmas 2014, giving each and everyone of you a great gift to present to your loved ones.

13Mann will provide you with regular updates. Please join us in making this happen!