About Us

13Mann Publishing House – We are adventure

We love books. We love games. We love to immerse ourselves into different roles and worlds.
Since 2007, 13Mann Verlag has  journeyed into the thrilling worlds of fantasy and science fiction. Founded by passionate role-players, 13Mann nowadays offers a considerable number of product worlds, adventures, and play opportunities. Driven by the desire and unquenchable thirst for more exciting adventures, we permanently add further worlds and adventures for you to play. A large community of role-playing fans and authors keeps  pushing our inspiration, driving us deeper and deeper into the worlds of elves, halflings and thieves.
This is why we love adventure.


We make it our mission to offer high quality products at a reasonable price.
“It's expensive, it must  be good.” - That's nonsense. Good things may have a price, but price does not  guarantee  quality.  We think the product determines the price.
Each 13Mann product is a piece of us. We put our hearts and souls into our work. When you see a doctor, he only needs a drop of your blood to determine how you are.
From each of our products, you can determine how we are. And we know that. This is why each of our products is a figurehead for 13Mann. We put our heart and soul into each product, as if it were our first or last. There is no mediocrity and poor products have to be sorted out along the way. We constantly try to make  products better.
And the criteria? Who determines whether a product is good or bad? You. You are our criteria. We want you to be satisfied. When you take one of our products with you on a holiday, we want to take you away, captivate you, and offer you something. When you play our game, we want to offer you fun and excitement, we want to promote sociability. When you laugh, when you're happy, when you're just as excited as we are – when you say: hey, that was awesome!  That's when we have reached our goal.
That is our mission.


Meet us!

Let us introduce ourselves!  Visit us at these major events to get to know us. You can find us at the following fairs and events:



October 8 – October 11 – Spiel in Essen


May 10 – May 11 – RPC in Cologne
July 19 – July 20 – FeenCon in Bonn
October 16 – October 19 – Spiel in Essen