We have received lots of submissions recently and unfortunately we can't process them all with the care and attention they deserve. Therefore we can't accept any additional games or books for the time being with the exception of game material for our existing product lines.


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Of course, you can find and visit us on different fairs and events.



13Mann is a reliable and competent licensee and fair licensor. We are generally interested in licenses, and also in joint marketing. Just approach us with your license concern.
We are able to produce your work quickly, in high quality and with a vigor in marketing. The whole German-speaking area is our target group. We are especially interested in role-playing systems and other games. Simply approach us with your work. We look forward to a constructive and informative conversation with you. At the moment, we only translate from English into German.
Or are you interested in one of the licenses we hold? Often, we have to right to grant a sub-license, for example for a computer game or a board game conversion. Of course, you can also acquire a license for our own product lines, to translate them into another language. Simply approach us – without formalities, quickly and directly. We're pleased to meet you!

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Of course, you can find and visit us on different fairs and events.


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