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Entering data into forms is voluntary. Consent to collection and storage of your data is revocable. Your data will only be processed according to the original purpose you stated them for.

Furthermore, the provider's server collects the following data: number of different requested sites,  sum of all access, sum of all accesses per day, number of accesses per hour, Top 20 of requested sites, TOP 20 of individual accessing computers, TOP 20 of referring computers (Referrer), TOP 20 of referring URLs (without stating IP address), TOP 10 browsers used, number of pages not found (404 Error), accesses subject to access codes, number of different computers, number of different accessed sites, sum of all accesses, accesses per day, number of accesses per hour.

These data will only be used for statistical purposes. We will not give data to a third party, nor use data to create utilization profiles.

When using one of our additional online contents (like web shop, etc), data will be stored if necessary for processing a transaction, deal (preparation of an offer, the offer, the sales agreement as well as processing and history) and business connection as a whole. By making use of the applications you consent to the above processing of your data. Consent is revocable. We will only transfer these data for necessary processing purposes (e. g. give your delivery address to the carrier).



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