LIFTOFF - Production Diary 01

Welcome to our Traveller Liftoff Production Diary. Here we will keep you informed about what’s going on behind the scenes on a more or less biweekly basis.

My personal motivation for this project stems from conventions here in Germany and 13Mann’s experience with Rolemaster and ABOREA. ABOREA managed to pull in a new audience, apparently not accustomed to the ’new’ concept of RPGs here in Germany, completely bypassing the usual roleplaying audience. Families play ABOREA with their children. Parents initially thought of it as a cool boardgame and come to visit us the next toy fair a year later, asking for more.

And then I looked around at my Traveller gaming tables and the people I play Traveller with (Hi, guys!) who are all great people and Traveller enthusiasts but it dawned on me, they wouldn’t introduce their kids to Traveller and even if they did, they lost interest soon. It’s either too complex or too boring, when you compare the plain layout to computer games, RPG’s real competition.
I thought that something should be done about it, and that’s when Donald McKinney found me. A likeminded spirit who made the same observations as I did and around Christmas 2013 we said “Let’s do this”.
So, here we are, a couple of months later, doing this.

Many of you are interested in seeing this going forward as well, so here’s the approximate schedule for this project:
Martin J. Dougherty is currently writing beta-rules which we intend to publish online on 13Mann’s website at the beginning of May. Everyone can download and comment those rules online. You can even post ideas and which can be voted for by other users. The best ideas we will incorporate wherever possible. And with your help we will go from good to great. During this time we will also be holding official playtesting rounds at conventions, both 13Mann as well as Mongoose. So if you happen to visit a convention where either of us is hosting, check out if an official playtesting round is announced.

Also end of May/June we will be starting our crowdfunding until end of July. We have many great reward levels and stretch goals in mind and I hope we can reach some of those (for instance you or someone you propose can be on the cover of a rulebook or even the box).  By end of July we will close the open beta test, do some final editing and send it to layout in August.

At the same time translation into German will start and right after the English layout, German layout will be commenced. We will provide you inside looks at these stages, so you can see the product in the making.
By now we are end of September when we will send the completed files to our printer. And finally shipping of the boxes is planned for mid to end of November. Giving you a great gift for your loved ones at Christmas.
In the next update I will tell you a little bit of our initial thoughts about the rules. What to keep  in, what to take out and why. I hope you enjoy this productions diary. Feel free to comment or give me suggestions.