13Mann is your wholesaler when it comes to role-playing games, board games, trading cards, comics and accessories, as well as much more. We deliver quickly, we are friendly and reliable. When will you profit from us?



We offer our publishing house's products with a transparent rebate system, promising you top value for your money. We offer all distribution and wholesale products with good conditions. We can make concessions if you are planing a one-time promotion, and can also negotiate excellent prices for your. You can always approach us. At the end of the year, there will also be an annual rebate.
Via our online system, you can access current prices, stocks, special offers and remnants. Our newsletter keeps you informed about changes and special offers.


Payment options

We want to provide you with full service right from the start. You will receive a cash discount for quick payment, and we deliver on account from the beginning*.


Terms of delivery

First things first: We deliver quickly. We keep your daily problems in mind, and there's nothing worse than having to wait for that important delivery. Any orders placed before 2 pm will leave our house on the same day **. For even faster delivery, we offer special services like Overnight Express etc. You will receive new publications from our publishing program in time for the publishing date. We want to help you offer your customer excellent service. Additionally, you are also able to pick up goods directly at our house, without waiting time: just give us a quick call with your order, and we will pack it while you drive. Thus, you will receive the goods quickly. If you are in a hurry, we run on adrenalin – for you!



We support your efforts and help you to operate successfully. We offer product support like posters, fliers, promotion material and much more. You can also plan your promotion events with us. Our writers will visit you for anniversaries, events, openings and other major events.. We offer help for game days, demonstrations, fairs etc, and are happy to plan interesting events with you. Furthermore, we have an attractive retailer system: we want you to be successful.


Get to know us

Of course, you can find and visit us on different fairs and events. You can find a list of dates here.
Get in touch with us:
Either on the phone, at +49 / 211 / 90 32 94 – 330 or via e-mail
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
* Subject to positive credit rating
** On weekdays.



Offer a quick and highly available delivery system to your retailers and choose 13Mann as your distribution partner. We prove our ability to deliver and reliability every day, all over the country. We offer highest flexibility, a wide range of goods and attractive additional services, like advertising support, product support and permanent, highly qualified advice, to your retailer. We look into your products and pledge our best.
Discuss your plans with us.



Of course, you can find and visit us on different fairs and events. If desired, we can also prearrange for a longer meeting at a fair.



Choose 13Mann as your supplier and profit from our efforts.
We do our best to keep all products in stock for you, we prearrange to avoid bottlenecks and also help you to obtain your goods conveniently and reliably in peak times. Our deliveries are fast, our terms are excellent.
All the while, we keep you up to date with our newsletter and offer you permanent access to our storeroom via our online system. This way, you will always receive the latest prices and stocks, offering you ideal planing conditions.
Our terms, like payment on account, cash discount, transparent rebates, and our friendly service speak for themselves. But we offer even more: We support your sales with product support and  presentation material. For example, you might plan your reopening with a visit of one of our writers. Or organize a tournament, game days or other events with us.
Our retailer partner system also includes further services. We will be glad to give you further information.
We are there for you. Not just online, but also by telephone. When will we have the pleasure of delivering to you?


Get to know us!

Of course, you can find and visit us on different fairs and events.