About Traveller

Traveller is one of the first and best-known role-playing games, having originally been published in 1977 be Game Designer's Workshop. Initially meant to be a generic Sci-Fi system, numerous  following publications added an independent background universe. This served as a sample for many other game formats in return, and offers one of the most detailed settings today.

Traveller is a Science Fiction role-playing game, taking place in the “distant future”. Humanity has started to explore outer space, and has discovered countless planets full of alien races and intelligences. However, they have also met other human races that developed independently from the “Terrans”. In the course of time, the Terrans were able to establish an empire, though: the Third Imperium. This mighty empire unites thousands of galaxies under its rule, but it is threatened by enemies not only from the outside, but also from within.

The Imperium controls all space between the planets and ensures the persistence of civilization and trade. Huge conglomerates of galaxy-wide commercial enterprises and seigneurs control most of the trade, but there is always room for free traders – bold travellers and adventurers at the borders of known space are needed for transport of smuggled goods, trade in exotic goods or whatever else might earn credits. However, Traveller rules are also able to depict any other Science Fiction background.

The original Traveller game system differed from other role-playing games of that time due to its special character creation system. Abilities and skills of a Traveller character are mainly determined by his training and past experiences.

The revised new edition of the Core Rulebook, based on the classic original, was updated to fit into the new millennium and contains all requirements for jumping into space.

The Science Fiction adventures of your dreams are waiting for you!