Neuer Traveller-Produktmanager

Neuer Traveller-Produktmanager

Seit dem 01.10. 2017 hat Traveller einen neuen Produktmanager. Ingo Heinscher koordiniert ab sofort alle Aktivitäten rund um das deutsche Traveller. 

Was heißt das für Fans? Zunächst mal wird es nun wieder erheblich einfacher, eigene Produkte mit dem "Traveller-kompatibel"-Logo absegnen zu lassen: Der einfachste Weg dazu ist ein Post in unserem Forum. Ingo aka Thot wird dann dort die Details mit Euch besprechen. Generell gilt jedoch: Wenn Ihr etwas erschaffen wollt, tut es, wir machen dann die rechtliche Seite irgendwie möglich! Das gilt dann ausdrücklich auch für Abenteuer, Kampagnen, Subsektoren und so weiter, die im Offiziellen Traveller-Universum (OTU) angesiedelt sind.

In diesem Zusammenhang weisen wir noch einmal auf das Traveller-SRD hin, die kostenlose Online-Version des 13Mann-Traveller-Regelwerks: Mit diesen Dokumenten als Basis darf ohnehin jeder eigene Werke erschaffen, so lange er sich an die Lizenzbedingungen hält - dann auch ohne irgend eine Mitwirkung von uns (allerdings dann auch ohne das "Traveller-kompatibel"-Logo und natürlich ohne Bezug auf das Spieluniversum des dritten Imperiums).

Für die Zukunft plant 13Mann natürlich auch eigene Veröffentlichungen - allerdings zunächst nur als PDF-Dateien. Wenn sich diese dann als beliebt genug herausstellen, wird es Druckversionen geben. Konkretes dazu in einigen Wochen.

Wenn Ihr Fragen habt: Stellt sie im Forum:

LIFTOFF - Production Diary 03

Today we have Ian Stead talking a little about his passion for Traveller art and working for Traveller Liftoff. Enjoy!


Bit of Background,

Been a long time fan of Traveller, I first remember playing it around 1984. Last couple of years I have done some work for the Mongoose Version of Traveller and other companies who use the Traveller licence. And now I publish my own Traveller material.


I have been tasked with illustrating all the equipment, ships and vehicles in Liftoff. Something I have dreamed of is creating an image for lots of gear for an RPG. I loved how in the original 2300AD RPG by GDW all the guns and most of the gear had images, it's from this I take inspiration for how I will create the images for Liftoff. There's lots of source material and real world examples to work from, so lots of great sources to work from. I think it's good that the guns for example, take some ideas from real world examples.


My work flow is pretty straight forward, I kind of use Sketchup to 'doodle' a few ideas then export the flat 2D drawings to illustrator as vector images, which I then tweak and edit. Ultimately I can pull 3D images from the 2D images in SU (which I have done in the past)


I have a list of about 60 odd pieces of gear and vehicles. So to make it easy I started with the first one and worked from there, using the beta 1.2 rules as guidelines too. (some of the descriptions contain a wealth of useful info for me). So a fun project for me.


First group is the 4 vehicles, no problems there. I have a copy of the original DGP 101 Vehicles, from that I borrowed a few idea and skimming the net for some other ideas. I have created some of the vehicles before such as the ATV and Air/Raft, but I created new ones, that still have a few things from the classic designs. One of the ground vehicles I think I borrowed some of its style from my own Renault Meganne Scenic MPV sat outside my house.


Next up melee weapons, once again lots of source material to work from and I have handled a few melee weapons from my re-enactment days. Only one that confused me was the boarding axe, easy find on the net, a common weapon found aboard naval and pirate sailing vessels. I've kept the design pretty straight forward, I found them quite easy to do, though the curve on the cutlass was a tricky. I can be a stickler for accuracy.


Next up guns!

T-14! Traveller LIFTOFF crowdfunding starts on September 1

T-14! Traveller LIFTOFF crowdfunding starts on September 1.

For those of you who haven't heard of LIFTOFF before: It's a Starter Set for Mongoose Traveller with a trimmed down ruleset, ready-to-play characters, six short adventures, and two maps. Everything in color of course.

If you haven't seen the teaser trailer already, here's the link again.

T-7! One more week until Traveller Liftoff crowdfunding

T-7! One more week until the Traveller Liftoff crowfunding.


While waiting for that day, here’s a video I’d like to share with you that I’ve found on youtube. It’s a speech by Bill Nye and somehow captures what I found interesting in science fiction and the universe, when I was younger (well, actually, I still find it fascinating and Bill captures my mood then and now).


Winners of the "Did you know"-Challenge

The five winners of the "Did you know"-Challenge have been chosen:

  • Thomas Smith
  • Brian Davis
  • Brett Slocum
  • Rory Hughes
  • Timothy Hidalgo

Nevertheless we thank all those who submitted their ideas and if one of your idea is chosen, you will be credited.

As for the five winners, you will receive your prize shortly: a limited edition of Traveller: Crew for Hire - Scientists with all Hivers.