Official 13Mann Support

First of all, thank you for your interest in supporting 13Mann Verlag. You like role-playing games and also act as a game master from time to time? Why not be rewarded for your hobby?

A supporter mainly takes care of test games. Role-playing in general, and a specific role-playing game in detail, can hardly be explained in a short conversation. A test game is much more significant. Unfortunately we can't be everywhere in person (time and place are big limitations), and can also only offer a certain number of rounds at a time. This is why we need support. Below, we described a supporter's function in detail, as we need help for different tasks.

On fairs, there are three tasks we need help in fulfilling: First of all, to set up and take down our booth (it's just quicker with a little help). Furthermore, we need help in advising our customers – sometimes, that's a bottleneck as well. The main task, however, is to offer test rounds. As a game master, a supporter introduces newcomers to role-playing and the rule system. At the moment, we are present on two fairs: SPIEL in Essen and Role Play Convention in Cologne. There might be others in the future as well.

A test round at a fair usually takes two to three hours.

Basically, conventions are similar to fairs. However, there are more test rounds and less advice duty at the booth. The booth itself is usually also much smaller, so set-up and take-down are easier. We are present with a booth on some conventions (for example FeenCon in Bonn), to others we „only“ send writers. Still, we plan to present ourselves and offer test rounds on all conventions: thus, this is one of the most important tasks for supporters. There are conventions all over Germany (and the German-speaking area).

A test round at a convention usually takes three to x hours.

Game shops
Game shop promotion takes place without a booth, thus there is little to no set-up and take-down to do. Advice is mostly necessary after a test round, if there are any questions left. Thus, the focus is on running a test round. Offering a test round in a shop has to be arranged with the shop's owner. There are shops all over the German-speaking area. Our goal is to offer rounds at least in all supporting shops.

A test round at a shop usually takes three to five hours.

Of course you don't need to be present at every fair and convention. It's enough to come to one convention, or offer a round at your local game shop. Anything beyond that is more than welcome, of course.

Of course we need a certain kind of people, there are certain requirements.

A supporter has to know the rules of the game, of course, as well as the current products. A little knowledge about the game's history can't go amiss either. Furthermore, you should be able to run a test round, having some experience as a game master as well. Of course, you should be able to plan your activities in advance, and prepare yourself for a test round. Last but not least, you should have fun running a round and introducing newcomers to the game.

Of course, from time to time, you'll meet someone you just can't connect with. Still, you should remain polite. Remember: you represent 13Mann Verlag in this moment, and we want to convince this person of our hobby and favorite game. You should by no means talk badly about another company, as this might be seen as 13Mann talking badly about another company. Thus, you will have to choose your words carefully once you join as an official supporter – at events as well as on the forum. For you, this might go without saying, but we still need to make that point, as much is at stake for all of us.

You are bound to gain insight into the publishing house. This glimpse „behind the scenes“ happens – sometimes intentionally, as we want to make information available to you in advance, but also unintentionally while working with us on events. This information may not be leaked. Of course, this also holds for manuscripts and unpublished material.

To count as active supporter, and thus a team member, you need a minimum of one test round per quarter, that is, master one test round per three months. Anything below that marks you as inactive and no longer part of the support team. Most of you will most likely play a lot more rounds.

We have listed the most important instruments of cooperation below:

We should always keep in contact. There are many possibilities. Before a fair or convention we make arrangements in a non-public forum. Promotions in game shops are usually also arranged there – please do not hesitate to suggest a shop or convention! Furthermore, we can speak on the phone, write mails or meet personally. Generally, the forum is the most important platform, as it helps best to distribute information to several people quickly. Arrangements are easier to coordinate, and answers to questions are often also interesting for others. We also have a mailing list. After a convention or fair we usually go for a drink or two – which also gives time for a little chat...

Sometimes we need to send information only to you and the other supporters. This will either happen via e-mail or can be found in the private support forum.

The choice of adventure for your test round will usually be up to you. However, we might also give  some adventures to you, with additional, ready-made characters. At larger conventions there might also be several rounds playing the same big adventure in parallel, or other specialties. In any case, you should be prepared, and also let your players know that you are. They should have fun during your round – the only way to make them want to do it again, the only way to your success. Newcomers should be treated with special care, as it is particularly challenging to get them excited about our hobby.

Short reports about your experiences are important to us. Simply write down anything negative or positive you experienced. How did the players take the adventure, how did they like the rules etc. We are also interested in how many people played with you. Please also take a picture of you and the players after the round, or at least just of the players. We want to collect the pictures – maybe we might make a poster of 1000 happy groups, or something similar...

We also want to reward you for promoting our hobby.

You will receive a supporter t-shirt as well as a name tag marking and decorating you as an official supporter. Please wear them to all events.

Free admission
While helping us at fairs and conventions, you will of course receive free admission to these fairs and conventions.


Point system
For your activities, you will receive points according to the following table. Advice is always part of the whole thing, thus we do not reward it separately.

Set-up and take-down 2 points
Test round and advice 4 points
Set-up and take-down 1 point
Test round and advice 6 points
Game shops
Test round and advice 8 points

These points can then be traded against our products, with one point roughly equaling 2 Euros. There will be no payout. Furthermore, the points will be gathered in a statistic. We will honor especially active supporters.


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