About Traveller Starter Set

Here are the rulebooks for the Traveller LIFTOFF Starter Set.

Most of it has been written by Martin J. Dougherty in the past month. Please be aware that these are not the final rules. However, we are at a stage where we feel confident showing you what we have and giving you the opportunity to see this skeleton rule set mature over the coming three months, as we will continue to work on it.

This is also a chance for you to provide us with feedback. You can download the rules as PDF in the Download section, or you can read them online, book by book, chapter by chapter. Feel free to playtest and share the rules. We will update the rules at irregular intervals, so make sure to check the version of the rules you are using.

If you want to leave a comment on a specific section, or have an idea you want to see implemented, please register to this website (click the login button on top of this website) and leave a comment. Those comments can be voted on by other users and the best ones, we will probably pick up. In order to properly track the ideas we can only accept them as comments on this website or as feedback from official playtesting rounds. Unfortunately we cannot accept ideas submitted by email. Emails have a tendency to get lost.

Our guiding principles in writing these rules were and still are:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Compatibility with Mongoose Traveller, as far as possible.


If you want to attend official playtesting rounds held by 13Mann and Mongoose you will have to visit us at conventions we will attend. For (international) Mongoose playtesting rounds, please contact Mongoose.

13Mann will hold playtesting rounds at

  • Role Play Convention, Cologne, Germany, May 11/11
  • Feencon, Bonn, Germany, July 19/20


Development: Martin Dougherty
Design: Rouven Weinbach and Don McKinney
Editing: Timothy Collinson
Technical Support: Tobias Freund


And now enjoy, comment, share, discuss, and most if all: have fun!

Current version

  • Player's Handbook: 1.1
  • Referee's Handbook: 1.1
  • Adventures: 1.0


Updates May 18, 2014:

  • reworked character templates
  • reworked initiative
  • reworked damage and healing
  • aligned skills
  • added Aslan as aliens
  • general sanitizing



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