PDF: Traveller Robots

PDF: Traveller Robots
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PDF: Traveller Robots PDF: Traveller Robots

The english pdf version of 13Mann (not Mongoose) Robots Book.


Someone yelled „That armor’s too strong! Our weapons won’t dent it!”

Fea peeked through a hole in the wall. The massive war robot tore down the remaining
pieces of that last block of buildings and was closing in on their position. She gave her
comrades an inquisitive look before replying: “We don’t have to bring it down, just stall it
long enough for our transports to escape.”

All eyes were on her. Everyone knew what that meant. If she couldn’t think of something
quickly that fight will not go too many rounds.


Robots and computers: no science fiction is complete without them. Be they small nanites
or giant machines, driven by Artificial Intelligence or just dumb automatons. This book gives
you guidelines to build robots and computers, new careers, benefits and the possibility to
play a robot as character. It also contains dozens of sample robots ready to deploy.

This book is a must-have for every Traveller campaign.


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